Plastic bottles

How are plastic bottles recycled?

The average UK household throws away an estimated 500 plastic bottles every year, and a large percentage of them end up at landfill sites
Mount Everest

Mount Everest: How to climb the world’s highest mountain

There are two main routes used by climbers to reach the summit of Everest, the North Ridge Route – which begins in Tibet and is a technically harder climb – and the South Ridge Route, which starts in Namche Bazaar, Nepal, and is the easier and more popular way up top
Panda eating bamboo

Why do pandas eat bamboo?

The giant panda is a born carnivore, yet this perplexing member of the bear family passes on the meat course almost entirely, choosing to persist on nature’s version of a celery diet: bamboo
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5 common shark myths busted

Despite what you may have seen in movies such as Jaws, sharks are not the mindless killing machines that their on-screen portrayals suggest

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