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New How It Works Book of Junior Science now on sale!

This third revised edition of the How It Works Book of Junior Science has been written to feed young minds with the most inspiring and amazing things about the world we live in. Jam-packed full of facts, trivia and easy-to-follow … Continued

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New Great Days Out app available now

The UK is littered with thousands of exciting and educational places to visit. These include amazing museums, national parks, English Heritage sites, railways and cathedrals, which would all make excellent venues for a family day out. At How It Works, … Continued

DIY crystals

Home science experiments: Grow your own crystals

It’s British Science Week, and here at How It Works we’re celebrating by showing you some of our favourite science experiments that you can try at home. Here’s how you can grow your own crystals using just salt and water! You will need: 75g … Continued

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How It Works 68 quiz

Answer ten questions to be in with a chance of winning a cool Airfix model

Airfix, Ford Fiesta, prize, competition, quiz, win, How It Works 67

How It Works 67 quiz

Can you get all ten questions right to be in with a chance of winning an Airfix Ford Fiesta


Woolly mammoths could be brought back from extinction

The discovery of a female mammoth carcass preserved in snow could allow biologists to bring the ancient creatures back from extinction. The mammoth, which scientists have nicknamed Buttercup, was found frozen in Siberia in May 2013, and carbon dating of her flesh has revealed that she … Continued

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How It Works 66 quiz

Answer ten questions to be in with a chance of winning an awesome Airfix Boeing 737


Google unveils Project Ara modular smartphone prototype

The first working prototype of Google’s Project Ara smartphone has been revealed. Six months after the design was unveiled, a video has appeared online that shows an engineer turning on and using the device. Project Ara aims to enable users to … Continued


Tutankhamun’s likely cause of death uncovered

New findings revealed in BBC documentary Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered provide evidence of the ancient pharaoh’s poor health and likely cause of his untimely death. “When you think of Tutankhamun, you immediately think of a big golden mask, that you imagine must have been fit … Continued


Ancient fish reveal the origins of sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourse among vertebrates – that’s animals with backbones, such as humans – is a lot older than first thought. 35 million years older, to be exact. It was previously thought intercourse and internal fertilisation began in primitive fish known as placoderms that lived around … Continued


Discover Incredible Flying Machines and the science behind them

From the makers of science and technology magazine How It Works comes Incredible Flying Machines. This digital-only edition is crammed full of amazing aircraft, awe-inspiring imagery and facts, making it a must-have for any aviation enthusiast. Inside, you’ll learn about drone aircraft and how … Continued

©Brian Regal - Reconstruction of Sthenurus stirlingi, a giant kangaroo from the Sthenurinae family

Giant kangaroos were too heavy to hop

A new study, published in the journal Plos One, has revealed that extinct kangaroos were up to three times larger than the size they are today and walked on two feet instead of hopping around. The Sthenurine family of kangaroos, which existed … Continued

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