What does the ISS weigh?

The smart-aleck answer is virtually nothing, as in low Earth orbit gravity is nearly zero, meaning the International Space Station has mass but only negligible weight (defined as the force on an object due to gravity). However, if the ISS … Continued


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NASA 3D prints on the ISS

Astronauts on board the International Space Station have 3D printed for the first time in space


Why are all the planets round?

Planets are basically round because of the way that gravity works – if you imagine all of a planet’s mass concentrated at its core, then it’s pulling with equal force in every direction. Provided the gravity is strong enough and … Continued


Is it possible to build a time machine?

So far it is only possible to travel forward in time, and only by fractions of a second. Imagine there are two identical twins; the first travels into space in a high-speed rocket, while the other remains on Earth. When the … Continued

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225 years of Enceladus

It’s 225 years to the day since William Herschel discovered Saturn’s moon Enceladus.



Earthquakes on the moon???

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