Apollo 11 Lander

NASA’s Apollo 11: How the Lander Module worked

The Lander, also known as the Lunar Module (LM), was a two-stage craft built to separate from the Apollo Command and Service Module, and then travel to and from the moon’s surface
Asteroids hitting Earth

Is an asteroid going to hit Earth?

It’s Asteroid Day, and our friends at All About Space magazine have asked asteroid researcher Professor Alan Fitzsimmonds 5 questions about the threat space rocks pose to life on Earth, how we detect potential Earth-trajectory planet-killers and what we can do about them
Black hole

Top 5 Facts: Black holes

A black hole is a region of space containing, at its centre, matter compressed into a point of infinite density called a singularity (an area where spacetime curvature becomes infinite), which itself is surrounded by a sphere of space where the gravitational pull is so total that not even light can escape its pull – hence its name
Solar system

Top 5 Facts: The solar system

The solar system formed about 4.6 billion years ago, when part of a giant molecular cloud experienced a gravitational collapse

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