20 amazing facts about stars

The answers to your burning questions about some of the most violent and dramatic objects in the universe

How does the Soyuz launch system work?

The Soyuz launch system – which consists of a Soyuz Launch Complex, a launch vehicle and, when astronauts are involved, a Soyuz TMA spacecraft – is the main means crew and equipment have been taken to and from the International Space Station (ISS) for the last decade
A view from the bustling center of our galactic metropolis. Spitzer Space Telescope offers us a fresh, infrared view of the frenzied scene at the center of our Milky Way, revealing what lies behind the dust.

The Milky Way smells of rum and tastes like raspberries

Our galaxy is truly an amazing place and as scientists, physicists and astronomers develop even more sophisticated methods of exploring it so we discover even more weird and wonderful things about it. Here’s five of the strangest space-facts we could find, kicking off with…

Why is Earth bigger than Mars?

When compared to our planet Mars is very tiny, possessing around ten per cent of Earth’s total mass

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