Virtual reality headset

How does virtual reality work?

Imagine if you could go to the cinema and truly immerse yourself in the movie, rather than just have a 3D Iron Man flying out the screen towards you

What is 5G?

Many of us don’t even have access to the 4G mobile network yet, but already the race is on to develop 5G
A moody atmospheric shot blonde model posing against a midkey background wearing sunglasses. Shot in the studio using studio lighting.

How do sunglasses protect your eyes?

Reaching for our sunglasses on a bright, sunny day is second nature; we all know that spending time in the Sun puts us at risk of eye damage and no one enjoys a squinting-induced headache

Carbon3D: 3D printing made faster

The inventors of Carbon3D argue that traditional 3D printing is a misnomer. This process is actually just repeated 2D printing, which creates a 3D object as the layers build up
C5EHM7 Aerial view of the All England Lawn Tennis Club during play at the 2011 Wimbledon Tennis Championships

How does the Wimbledon roof work?

Tennis is a sport that requires good weather, so it’s surprising that one of its premier competitions has been held in rainy England since 1877
Ten-pin bowling

How does a bowling alley work?

Any bowling alley works through a combination of a wooden or synthetic lane flanked by semicylindrical gutter channels, an automated pinsetter machine and ball sorter, and a return ball gully and stacker

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