A trip to the Ford factory

A short video of our trip to the Ford factory in Cologne Germany. Full article to appear in issue 67 of How It Works!


Solar powered boats

A chat with Simon Milward who has recently returned from crossing the channel on a solar powered boat!


HMS Queen Elizabeth

A very, very cool video on the incredible new flagship aircraft carrier for the Royal Navy

(c) PlanetSolar

The Find out Friday interview

A quick chat with Captain of the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar Gerard d’Aboville, the largest solar powered boat in the world

Jerry Sanders, SkyTran, Transport, public transport, commuting, monorail, pollution, rush hour, urban travel, bus, tram. train, taxi, car share, car pool

The ‘Find out Friday’ interview

This week we chat to Jerry Sanders, CEO and Chairman of SkyTran Inc. who are developing a brand new transportation system.

Smart Highway, Dynamic Lines, Daan Roosegarde, Heijiman

Modern Highways: Part 3

This third edition sees what else is in store for the roads of tomorrow

Wind assisted road lighting, transport, infrastructure, modern highways, road inventions

Modern Highways: Part 2

The second part of our look at the latest tech coming to the world’s roads

Electric priority lane, transport, infrastructure, modern highways, road inventions

Modern highways Part 1

The first of a four part series looking into the new devices coming to our roads

paramotoring, parajet,Parajet International Ltd.

Paramotor interview

Managing Director of Parajet International Ltd Tom Prideaux-Brune chats everything paramotor


The future of motor racing?

A revealing interview with the CEO of the new Formula E championship, Alejandro Agag.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 19.41.25

Porsche’s hybrid theory

Auto company makes sensational return to Le Mans this year – check out the tech in the Porsche 919 prototype in this cool video now

Fernando Alonso leads at the start

The latest F1 tech

Wise up on the new Formula 1 engineering as the 2014 season gets underway in Australia

Challenger 2, tank

Life in a battle tank

We talk to a tank driving instructor from the British Army to find out what it’s like to handle a Challenger 2

snow blower

Snow vs snow blower

Why snow stands no chance against these mega machines designed to clear roads and runways

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