Top 5 Facts: T-rex trivia

Here’s five things all T-rex fans should know about the ‘king’ of the dinosaurs

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1. Scavenger
Excavated evidence suggests that, as well as being an active predator, the Tyrannosaurus was also an opportunistic scavenger, commandeering kills from smaller carnivores.

2. Cannibal
A study put forward in 2010 posits that Tyrannosaurus was cannibalistic. The theory was Top 5 Facts: T-rex triviadetermined when researchers found specimens with same-genus tooth marks.

3. Bad posture
Tyrannosaurus rex was historically depicted with its body at 45 degrees or less from the vertical. This is not accurate, with a more horizontal posture likely.

4. Big foot
Two excavated fossilised footprints have been attributed to T-rex. The latest measures 83 centimetres (33 inches) in length and 71 centimetres (28 inches) wide.

5. Feathery young
According to a recent report in the journal Nature, Tyrannosaurus young may have been feathered for insulation, only losing their plumage in later years.

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