How Did The Dinosaurs Die?

Most scientists agree the asteroid that was most important in the extinction of the dinosaurs hit the Earth at Chicxulub in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. The extinction is in large part linked to the major climatic effects of a huge amount of crustal debris (dust) spewed into the atmosphere at the time of the impact and for years afterwards. Some scientists have suggested another impact off the west coast of India called the Shiva Crater had a role to play. Others also link the extinction to massive volcanic activity in India (Deccan Traps) and its climatic effects.

Answered by: Dr Richard Hebda, curator of Botany and Earth History

India's Deccan Traps

Top 5 Facts: Dinosaurs

1) Tallest dinosaur The tallest of all the dinosaurs was the giant Brachiosaurus, mainly thanks to its giraffe- like neck, which stood at a rather impressive height of 50 feet. 2) Shortest dinosaur  In contrast, one of the smallest dinosaurs to … Continued