The How It Works Book of Amazing Technology on sale today!

Must. Contain. Excitement!

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The How It Works Book of Amazing Technology on sale today!

That’s right. Starting from today the How It Works Book of Amazing Technology is on sale from the Imagine Shop, retailing at an insta-buy price of £9.99.

Your complete guide to understanding how gadgets, gizmos and everyday devices work, the Book of Amazing Technology delivers the following, in classic How It Works style:

Entertainment tech – 15 amazing internal views of all the best games consoles and entertainment systems, ranging from motion control devices to audio reproduction.

Domestic tech – An in-depth look at how 35 of your household, day-to-day technology works with detailed cutaways and illustrations.

Inventions – From the mad machines to cool contraptions, the Book of Amazing Technology has you covered with articles on 33 of the world’s most famous and useful inventions.

Engineering – Rail guns? Coal mining? Roller coasters? If you want to know how they work, as well as 20 others, look no further.

So, without further ado, for more information on content and purchasing options, head on over to and pick up yours today.

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  • Steve

    To see that from the plane would have been amazing! Ive seen a launch before some 10 years ago now and the atmosphere at it is out of this world.

  • Jonny O’Callaghan

    It’s such a shame that there’s only one flight left, I would love to have seen a shuttle launch!

    Jonny O’Callaghan
    Staff Writer

  • steve

    Sorry to hear that jonny! I was extremely lucky to see it as it had been put back 2 or 3 days in a row because of bad weather. Then on my last night in florida they gave the go for launch! I cant remember what shuttle it was. Feels like a life time ago! Look on the bright side… You might get to see a launch thats going to mars! A little bird told me my subscription copy has arrived! Looking forward to finishing work and indulging!

  • Jonny O’Callaghan

    Yeah that’s one of the things I’m always worried about; if I went out to see a shuttle launch there’s a high chance it’d be scrubbed for months and it could turn out to be a wasted trip! Anyway, if all goes to plan, hopefully we’ll all be flying in our own personal shuttles to Mars by 2050…

    And great, hope you enjoy the magazine, it’s an excellent issue!

  • steve

    I hope one day we will get to go to mars. If you ever get the chance you should visit the cape. Theres still alot to see even if you dont get to see a launch. When i was there they were building modules for the ISS which you could watch from outside the clean room. Im sure theres always something going on to make the trip worth while.

  • bear