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With over 900 facts in every issue, How It Works is an exciting new magazine that feeds eager minds by answering those questions we all have about the world we live in.

How It Works brings science to life through engaging articles, in-depth features and colourful illustrations. Our team of dedicated writers includes household names and experts from the Science Museum who tackle questions large and small creating a compelling read that will appeal to everyone from aged 8 to 108.

Each issue comes jam-packed with full-colour pages featuring:

Key sections - the huge amount of info in each issue is organised into these six subjects...

The natural world explained
Questions answered about how things worked in the past
Be it road, rail, air or sea you'll find out about it here
From exploration to the solar system to deep space
Explaining the applications of science in the modern world
The wonders of modern gadgetry & engineering explained


Questions & Answers - How do sharks hunt? What's a black hole? What's the fastest car in the world?

High-resolution cutaways - See inside a nuclear submarine. Take apart a Typhoon fighter. Marvel at the Sun's core...

Fascinating features - Packed with facts, stats and opinions that fuel the imagination

Amazing images - Breathtaking photography makes How It Works a feast for the eyes as well as the brain

Fun to read - Lively, humorous style that makes science and technology fun again

Expert writers - Among them household names such as Professor Brian Cox, Adam Hart-Davis, Doctor Alice Roberts and Lord Robert Winston

Altogether it provides everything you ever wanted to know about the world we live in. Subscribe today and get the magazine that feeds minds.