Why do some people have allergies and some don’t?

Yep, that constant sneezing means hay fever season is definitely upon us

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Why do some people have allergies and some don't?

Allergies can be caused by two things: host and environmental factors. Host is if you inherit an allergy or are likely to get it due to your age, sex or racial group. Environmental factors can include things such as pollution, epidemic diseases and diet. People who are likely to develop allergies have a condition known as ‘atopy’. Atopy is not an illness but an inherited feature, which makes individuals more likely to develop an allergic disorder. Atopy tends to run in families.

The reason why atopic people have a tendency to develop allergic disorders is because they have the ability to produce the allergy antibody called ‘Immunoglobulin E’ or ‘IgE’ when they come into contact with a particular substance. However, not everyone who has inherited the tendency to be atopic will necessarily go on to develop an allergic disorder.

Barnaby Salton, Science Museum

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    Does this explanation also hold true for the similarly-shaped American football?

  • Claudia Velhas

    Hi PurpleRanger,

    I believe you’re right. The american football developed from the rugby ball, so it was also originally made with pig’s bladder. It is slightly more pointed at the ends to facilitate the forward pass.