World of Animals gorilla
FEATURED: World of Animals

Gorilla groups revealed

Take a look inside the social structure of a band of gorillas

World of Animals butterfly
FEATURED: World of Animals

Life cycle of the monarch butterfly

Guided by the Sun and the Earth’s magnetic field, these amazing insects migrate each year to avoid the cold winter

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FEATURED: World of Animals

Why did the dodo die out?

Everybody knows that the dodo became extinct because it was stupid… right?

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The real history behind Game Of Thrones

1: Character: Khal Drogo
Historical counterpart: Genghis Khan

If their similar titles weren’t enough of a hint, the horse-lord of the Dothraki shares a startling number of similarities with…

FEATURED: All About History

The inside story on Navy SEAL training

Interview with Rick Kaiser, an ex-Navy SEAL who specialised in winter warfare, sniping and combat swimming. He was assigned to an Assault Squadron and was selected for the Enlisted Education…

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What did HMS Victory really do at Trafalgar?

Interview with the curator of Naval History at the National Maritime Museum, Dr James Davey
What was the Victory’s role at Trafalgar?
Its key role was as flagship for the commander in chief,…

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7 Unusual Movie World Records

May 25, 1977 is a special date for movie fans everywhere as it marks the opening of the first Star Wars movie (A New Hope) in theaters. With the next installment due for release  in the summer…

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10 great quotations about history

1. “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” – Winston Churchill
2. “People are trapped in history and history is trapped in…

World of Animals gorilla
FEATURED: World of Animals

How gorillas communicate

It’s hard to see very far in the dense forest so a gorilla must rely on vocal calls to communicate, but they also use an array of physical gestures to make their point

World of animals pufferfish
FEATURED: World of Animals

5 facts about pufferfish

Discover the bizarre features of the poisonous puff-ball that’s useless at swimming

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The Space Race

A parsec is a unit of length in astronomy. It’s the equivalent of 30.9 trillion kilometres (19.2 trillion miles), or about 3.26 light years. The term was coined by British astronomer Herbert Hall Hoover in 1913, and it’s the distance … Continued

World of Animals snail
FEATURED: World of Animals

Why do snails leave trails?

We may find it disgusting, but a snail’s trail is essential to its survival as it travels

Lioness with young lion cubs (Panthera leo) in early morning light, Kalahari desert, South Africa
FEATURED: World of Animals

Life in a lion pride

Lions live in co-operative social groups, working together to hunt, fight and raise their young


What exactly is a parsec?

Time, space and angles are involved. Learn what a parsec is right now by reading on

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Q & A

How long is a second?

It’s not as easy as ‘one mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi…’

Top Five Facts

Top 5 Facts: Harriers

With the Harriers on their way to being cut you might want to brush up on your knowledge