Top 5 Facts: The Scouts

When it comes to preparing kids with essential life skills, the scouts is the obvious choice so ‘be prepared’ for a fact-tastic top five scouting facts

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Top 5 Facts: The Scouts


Scouting offers over 200 adventurous activities to young people aged 6-25 – from archery and abseiling to parascending and water zorbing. It’s all about making life more fun and building young people’s confidence.

Top 5 Facts: The Scouts

Boys and girls

Did you know that there are 60,000 girls in Scouting – that’s nearly a fifth of the youth membership in the UK.

Top 5 Facts: The Scouts


11 of the 12 people to have walked on the moon were Scouts. Other famous former Scouts include Sir Paul McCartney, Barack Obama and Natasha Kaplinsky. The UK’s Scouting Ambassadors include Chris Evans, Ian Hislop and Lord Coe.

Top 5 Facts: The Scouts


You are rarely more than mile from your nearest Scout Group – and the cost of a whole year’s Scouting is less than the cost of a typical piano or ballet lesson.

Top 5 Facts: The Scouts


All Scout leaders are volunteers – if you would like to join the fun, challenge and adventure of Scouting, click here. And you don’t need to be an expert in knot tying or putting up tents. If you have a little time to give and are up for trying new things, then get in touch. You’ll help 30,000 young people currently on the joining lists enjoy the adventure of Scouting.

Think you know the Scouts? Check out this video and you might just think again…

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Top 5 Facts: The Scouts

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  • Nick Deakin

    A real example of what can be achieved when nations pull together – imagine what could be accomplished if all nations were involved and committed to it.

    Reaching for the stars … the Moon, Mars and beyond in my lifetime if only!

  • Jonny O’Callaghan

    I’d have to wholeheartedly agree with you there, Nick. I’ve been waiting for interstellar travel for years! When am I going to get my house on Mars?!

    However, I also think the current NASA situation may ultimately benefit space travel. With the NASA Shuttle due to be retired in 2011, NASA astronauts will have to rely on other means to get into space (such as getting to the ISS) for the time being. While this will probably just be the Russian Soyuz craft, it’s also a chance for some private enterprises to get on board and potentially make a bit of money, like SpaceX and their Falcon 9 Dragon capsule… Who knows, maybe a few more companies will get involved and we’ll all be having dinner on the moon in no time at all.