What On Earth Is It? – #31

Why not astound us with your superior knowledge of the most bizarre-looking objects in the universe by identifying the following thingy…

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What On Earth Is It? – #31

If you think you know what it really is, or – even better – you have a hilariously silly concept of what it might be (but definitely isn’t), drop us a line and get your suggestion printed in the magazine next month.

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  • Mustafa

    It’s a limulus!

  • William Rendall

    A part of a Spinosaurus!!

  • http://www.howitworksdaily.com Jonny O’Callaghan

    Overly complicated toothpick holder?

  • Ben Swindell

    A fish with a spiky hair style?

  • Don Knight

    Anyone for horseshoes? Not sure how you would play horseshoes with this horseshoe crab

  • Hannah E.

    A spiny, man-eating monster fish

  • Farzaan Malik

    A demented Hedgehog?

  • isaac

    a man eating crab

  • Arron

    Is it a triop

  • Andreas

    I know one thing: it has thorns!

  • FK Goff

    Microscopic close up of a louse.