Top 5 Facts: F-4 Phantom

1 – Spooky
The Phantom’s emblem was a whimsical cartoon ghost referred to as ‘The Spook’ by pilots. It was designed by McDonnell Douglas technical artist Anthony Wong.

2 – Nicknames
The Phantom acquired a number of nicknames during its long career including the Rhino, Flying Anvil, Flying Footlocker, Lead Sled and the St Louis Slugger.

3 – Export
The Phantom was not only used in North America but also in many other national militaries, being exported to Greece, Germany and Iran to name just a few countries.

4 – Angels
The F-4J Phantom II variant also saw plenty of non-military action. For instance, it was flown by the US aerobatic display team, the Blue Angels, from 1969 through to 1974.

5 – Obsolete
The F-4 Phantom II was eventually superseded by a brace of newer fighter jets from the Eighties onwards. These included F-14 Tomcats and F/A-18 Hornets.