Top 5 Facts: Accuracy International

1. Gold – One of Accuracy International’s founders was Malcolm Cooper, a British Olympic shooting champion who won gold in the 50m (164ft) rifle three positions event in 1984 and 1988.

2. Designers – AI’s key designers are Dave Walls and Dave Caig, who both helped found the company in 1978. Today, both are major contributors to each new rifle that is produced at AI.

3. Renaissance – The original company fell into liquidation in 2005, but was immediately bought back by a British consortium that included the original company’s designers and now director, Tom Irwin.

4. .50 BMG
– Accuracy International introduced its first .50-calibre, semi-automatic sniper rifle (the BMG) in 2005 at the NSSF SHOT Show in Las Vegas, USA.

5. AX – Currently, AI’s most advanced rifle is the AX338 PSR, which is part of the AX series as introduced in 2010. The rifle is hand built in Portsmouth, UK.