Top 5 Facts: Bladders

Urethras – all the same?
– Women’s urethras are much shorter than men’s due to differing genitalia. Women are consequently far more likely to get bladder/urine infections because of this.

Getting the urge – The urge to urinate will normally come when the bladder reaches between 25 and 50 per cent of full volume to avoid reaching 100 per cent when involuntary urination will occur.

Duration – Urine can stay in the bladder for anywhere between one to eight hours before excretion. The time it remains there will vary depending on the amount of liquid consumed.

Can you drink urine? – Of course, this would not generally be recommended in normal circumstances, but yes, urine is completely sterile – it contains no bacteria, viruses or fungi.

How to keep healthy – It’s advised to drink around 1- 1.5 litres (2.1-3.1 pints) of water a day. This will keep the urinary system working most effectively. We lose more water than this but obtain some from food.