6 awesome motoring innovations

Hyundai Genesis, Chrysler Imperial, Packard 180, Buick, Frederick William Lancaster, disc brakes, disk brakes, electric windows, speed camera, cruise control, power steering, electric windows1. Hyundai have just announced that they have developed their Genesis model to include a wealth of new technology, most excitingly an addition that not only detects speed cameras but will slow your car down if you are breaking the speed limit. It might be cheating a bit, but is amazing nevertheless!

2. Many a motorist has made it through an epic motorway journey thanks to the wonder of cruise control, the switch that keeps you chugging along at a set pace, while watching out for braking cars ahead. Even though the tech has been around for over a century, the first car to have it properly fitted was a Chrysler Imperial.

3. We have Chrysler to tip our hats to again for the invention that meant everyone could get behind the wheel, not just super strong people. Power steering became a thing in 1951 after it was put in that trailblazing Chrysler Imperial.

4. Cranking a window open is such an effort, isn’t it? If you agree, say a hearty thank you to the Packard 180, which was the first car ever to have electrically opened windows way back in 1940.

5. Even though sometimes it seems like people don’t know how to use them, the indicators on either side of a car were invented back in 1938 then put onto Buick vehicles in 1940.

6. If you’re keen to stop, you’re using a technology invented in 1901 by Frederick William Lancaster – the disk brake. Well, that is unless you’re using those fancy new-fangled pneumatic brakes. Pfft.