Are sultanas, currants and raisins the same?


The term ‘raisin’ covers all types of dried grapes, so sultanas and currants are technically raisins. Most of the ‘raisins’ available in shops are dark-coloured ones made from the Muscatel variety of white grape. Sultanas are smaller and lighter than the average raisin, originating from sultana (also called Thompson seedless) grapes – although in some countries (like the USA) the name sultana is used to describe any raisin treated to re-create the sultana’s golden colour and juicy texture. Finally, currants are dried seedless red grapes of the Black Corinth variety. One of the oldest types of raisin, they owe their name to the Ancient Greek city of Corinth, a major exporter of currants to Europe in the 15th century.

Answered by Alex Cheung