Atlas Copco: What does it take to move mountains? – Advertorial

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco

For more than 140 years, Atlas Copco has been finding new ways to ‘move mountains’. As well as supplying high-quality construction & mining equipment, the company is also a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions, helping its customers find innovative new methods for tunnelling and mining. It has been involved in some impressive tunnelling projects in the past, and is currently working on an extension to New York’s complex subway system, which is expected to be completed in 2019.

Atlas Copco knows that no two projects are the same, and so to ensure it can continue to deliver tailor-made solutions it has launched a new campaign. Ideas Move Mountains is an initiative designed to encourage stronger collaboration between the company and its customers in order to find new ways to improve both the business and the innovation solutions it delivers.

First, however, the company has decided to demonstrate a few ways you cannot move mountains, with a fun video showing a group of athletes attempting to break through several tons of rock.

Whilst filming the video, the athletes really did hit the boulder with full force, even when it took a few takes to get the perfect shots! After watching their amusingly unsuccessful attempts, you can then find out how mountains are actually moved by taking the Mine Quest quiz. Test your knowledge of the mines and tunnels of the world by plotting some famous engineering feats on a map, and see how you do on the scoreboard!

To find out more about the campaign that Atlas Copco hopes will help it develop even bigger engineering solutions, visit

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