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Can plants communicate?

Discover the secret signals plants send to each other on the wood wide web

The race for a greener Earth

From waste to water, humankind has its work cut out to achieve the eco-friendly world of tomorrow…

Why are sharks in danger?

Despite being ice-cold predators, sharks are under threat from something even bigger. Unfortunately, as is very often the case with endangered species, human activity is the biggest threat to many of the shark species in our oceans – it’s thought that … Continued

Next-gen airplane cabins

How aeroplane seats are being upgraded to be comfier, more spacious and energy efficient. With long-haul flights often a necessity for business and leisure, passenger comfort is becoming more important than ever. The AirGo economy seat is an award-winning concept … Continued

How do chemical bonds work?

To understand the types of chemical bonding, we should first consider what the atoms of our universe are made of. To do this, we can use a simplified analogy of atomic structure by picturing an atom as a star being orbited by … Continued

Animation before the invention of film

Some of the very first inventions that simulated movement by tricking our eyes. Although this may come as a surprise to some, the animation industry was once a field dominated by mathematicians and physicists. Rather than attracting purely creative minds, … Continued

NASA completes flights to survey Arctic ice

Operation IceBridge is NASA’s biggest mission has been monitoring changes in polar ice across the western basin of the Arctic Ocean and Greenlands fastest-melting glaciers. The spring mapping survey started on March 22 and has just ended on May 2. … Continued