Author: Charlie Evans

Meet the Carnotaurus: the dinosaur with tiny arms

The Carnotaurus once stalked across the land with its bright, beady eyes, box-shaped head and distinctive bull-like horns. The Carnotaurus’ most distinctive feature, however, is its comical – and probably useless – tiny arms.

How steroid hormones work

Steroid hormones are a group of chemical messages made from cholesterol. This fatty, waxy substance has four conjoined rings in its structure, and this forms the backbone of five types of long-range chemical signals.

The placebo effect

Sugar pills ease depression, colourful creams numb the skin and saline injections make pain melt away. The placebo effect is a powerful healer, but how does it actually work?

How do motorcycle helmets work?

There are lots of vital pieces of clothing that a motorcycle rider needs to keep safe on the road: a thick jacket, leather trousers and strong gloves and shoes