Beat The Ancestors TV show looking for budding engineers

Channel 5 are making a new, exciting TV series that will see a team of modern day engineering enthusiasts take on some of history’s most ingenious minds.

Contestants on the show will build siege engines.

Beat The Ancestors will give them 48 hours to rebuild iconic inventions that changed history: from siege engines to gunpowder mills, early automobiles to invasion crafts.

Further, if that was not hard enough, the show is set to throw down the ultimate gauntlet, challenging the engineers to use their modern knowledge to better the original design. If they’d been helping Napoleon would he have won the war? If the Romans had used their techniques perhaps the Empire wouldn’t have crumbled.

Could you improve Leonardo Da Vinci's multi-cannon?

Most excitingly however, the team making the series – Dragonfly Productions – are looking for five men and women to take on this challenge. So if you are a die-hard engineering enthusiast or feel you have the skill and ambition to recreate historical innovations, this could be a fantastic opportunity for you.

If you think you can beat some of history’s greatest minds, get in contact with the Beat The Ancestors production team via email, by telephone on 020 3487 1212 or by completing this online form.