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Discover the super soldiers of tomorrow in the How It Works annual


Everything you want to know about the world we live in

– Separating fact from fiction, learn all about the latest research from the world of science, including the icy techniques of cryogenics and the beauty of crystallised

Environment & Space
– Discover more about the world around you and what lies beyond our blue skies as we delve into the natural world, observing the pets in our homes and the planets in our galaxy

– We take a step into our time machine to take a look at previous civilisations, such as the adventurous Vikings to the ingenious and the Romans, but also dig into the ground to discover prehistoric dinosaurs and ancient artifacts

Technology & Vehicles
– From the gadgets that will transform our social interaction to the most spectacular of stunt airplanes and Formula 1 cars, discover what future technology will bring us.


Find out why we find baby animals so cute

Also inside…

– 50 science myths busted
– The science of shopping
– The chemistry of love
– Types of scars
– Sports science
– Immune cells
– The physics of iceskating
– Crystallised alcohol
– Inside cryogenics
– Science of singing

– Super soldiers
– Army ants
– Forensic science uncovered
– Planetariums
– Plugs around the world
– Faster 3D printing
– BMX tech
– The smartwatch
– What is 5G?

– Weird weather
– The science of cute
– Plitvice lakes
– Wonders of Yellowstone
– The big freeze
– Life of a monarch butterfly
– Moeraki boulders
– Rubies
– Wind erosion

– Aerobatic displays
– Mercedes F1
– Multimillion dollar motors
– How a car is made
– VTOL drones

– A-Z to the galaxy
– Mercury
– How far have we travelled?
– What’s a Landsat satellite?
– How to find Polaris
– End of the sun
– How big is the ISS?
– Eclipses
– Capturing asteroids

– Vikings
– 101 facts about dinosaurs
– Finding fossils
– War elephants
– Inventions of Ancient Rome
– Vesuvius
– Spanish galleon
– Easter Islands