British Science Week is packed with fun experiments and activities

British Science Week runs from 13 to 22 March, with fun events and activities taking place all over the country.

The 10 day programme aims to encourage people of all ages to get involved with science, technology, engineering and maths, and it’s really easy to take part.

Thousands of events will be hosted by the nation’s schools, libraries, community centres and museums, including a series of stargazing events to celebrate the solar eclipse on 20 March. To find out what’s going on in your local area, or to organise your own event for your local community, just visit the British Science Week website.

The site also includes handy guides for setting up fun activities at home, as well as lots of competitions and quizzes you can enter.

There’s even a few nationwide citizen science projects you can take part in too. The first is Worm Watch Lab, requiring you to spot worms, which have many genes closely related to our own, and monitor their egg laying behaviour to help scientists better understand how our own genes affect human brain function. There’s also Nature’s Calendar, which needs you to record signs that signify the start of the seasons where you live to help the Woodland Trust calculate how fast the arrival of spring 2015 sweeps across the UK. Finally, you can get involved with the #PerfectCuppa experiment by investigating the optimum recipe for the perfect cup of tea and sharing your results on social media.

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