Can an app transform the way we service our cars?

The advent of apps changed the mobile phone industry and they are now changing the world of transport. Many car companies are pioneering the use of Smartphone apps with uses ranging from remotely unlocking your vehicle to heating up your car before you begin a chilly morning commute. This new My Volkswagen app is tackling the question of when’s best to service your car. The app will alert the car owner to when the next service is due and will also track the progress of when the car is in the dealership. The app will give the customer more control and will allow them to see from their Smartphone exactly what changes are being undertaken to the car. They can then approve the work from the comfort of their house or place of work. My Volkswagen doesn’t just stop at servicing and will also branch out into changing features on a newly ordered car and view its movement from factory to dealership. The app will acts a central hub for vehicle management and will be available on both iOS and Android as well as having its own website. My Volkswagen is just another step towards the increased integration of Smartphones and cars and is an opportunity for customers to have a more hands on approach to the management of their vehicle.

For more on the future of driving, check out our four-page feature in issue 92. Sneak peek below:

My Volkswagen HIW issue 92

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