Can we tame tigers?

Oct 10, 2003; Las Vegas, Nv, USA; (FILE PHOTO, shot  01/02/2002 EXCLUSIVE!) TOM CRUISE feeds ATLAS, a  five-month-old white Bengal tiger with help from illusionists  SIEGFRIED & ROY and girlfriend PENELOPE CRUZ. ROY  HORN, was attacked by one of his white Bengal tigers  'Montecore' during a performa

Not in the way you might tame a dog or break in a horse. Dogs and horses have been domesticated for millennia and selective breeding has gradually favoured the genes that make them more friendly. Tigers – even raised from a cub – retain all their predatory instincts. In Thailand, ‘tame’ tigers live in a monastery, side by side with the monks and tourists, but it’s a precarious balance. Roy Horn of the entertainment double act Siegfried & Roy was critically injured in 2003 when the tiger he had performed with for six years bit him.

Answered by Luis Villazon.

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