Cat personalities: What are the ‘Feline Five’?

Like humans, research has shown cats to have five main personality traits

1. Skittish

An anxious cat will run away from visitors and hide from new situations until they have established safety. If your cat is shy, it is best to ensure there are multiple places to hide around your home. (Image by kaylaflam from Pixabay )

2. Outgoing

Curious and extroverted cats need constant brain stimulation. Domestic cats with this trait may get bored easily, so continuous new items are needed to keep them occupied. This might mean buying new toys to get their heads around. (Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay )

3. Dominant

This uniquely feline personality comes from wildcats showing who is in charge in wild groups. Dominant cats can prove a problem in households with more than one cat as they often take food and toys from the less dominant. (Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay)

4. Spontaneous

Cats are impulsive in a different way to humans. Their spontaneity isn’t always a choice, and comes from anxiety. Unable to cope, erratic cats act in unpredictable ways. If your cat shows random aggression, you shouldn’t shout at them, as this can make them more stressed and exacerbate their spontaneous acts. (Image by rihaij from Pixabay)

5. Friendly

Sociable cats are often those that were exposed to constant interaction as kittens. Appearing happy most of the time, these cats get along with others in the area with little fighting. Friendlier cats also show more affection and contact with their owners. (Image by Kristian Aleksandrov from Pixabay)


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