moon base opener

Living on the Moon

How we could turn craters into colonies for human life
space supernova explosion

What is space radiation?

Beyond the protection of Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere, a universe full of deadly energy awaits…
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What would happen if we blew up the Moon?

Humanity has stockpiled 600 billion of the largest, biggest, deadliest warheads ever built and they’re pointed at the Moon. Science speculates on what might happen after the stupidest experiment ever…

How the ground-breaking new search for alien life could prove we’re not alone

In this possibly infinite universe, could Earth truly be the only inhabited planet? Are we really that special, or is the universe actually teeming with life? Could there be advanced civilisations out there trying to make contact right now? In July 2015, Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner and renowned physicist Stephen Hawking announced an ambitious new initiative to search for communications from advanced alien worlds.

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