Celebrate 100 years of fighter planes with Issue 72 of How It Works

From World War I to the modern day, discover the evolution of military aircraft through the ages in Issue 72 of How It Works magazine. In this jam-packed issue, we take you through the history of warplanes and explore the incredible tech changing the face of aerial warfare today.

Fighter planes

Also inside:

  • Real-life superpowers: We reveal the amazing technology that can help you climb walls like Spiderman, regenerate skin and bone like Wolverine, and give you super strength like Iron Man.
  • The future of cinema: From 3D and IMAX to virtual reality and laser projection, find out how the movie industry is changing to fight declining sales.
  • 50 science myths busted: Do bumblebees really defy the laws of physics? Will vitamin C actually protect you from the common cold? Discover the truth behind some of the most common science myths.
  • Amazing animal architects: Explore the incredible engineering achievements of the animal kingdom as we take you on a tour of the homes of ants, beavers, rabbits and more.
  • Hydrogen cars: Learn more about the eco-firendly fuel of the future
  • Plugs from around the world: Find out why we are unlikely to see a universal plug any time soon
  • The chemistry of coffee: Discover the secret ingredients that make your morning coffee smell and taste so good

Chemistry of coffee

  • Auroras on other planets: It’s not just Earth that experiences magnetic light shows
  • How big is the ISS?: Find out just how huge humanity’s home in orbit has become
  • How Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii: Learn more about the catastrophic eruption that buried an entire city for centuries
  • Weird history: From safety coffins to shrunken heads, we explore the strange practices of ancient times
  • Global Eye: Learn about shadowless skyscrapers, glowing mushrooms, rocket boosters and the ‘Butcher crocodile’.
  • Reviewed: We test out the latest running technology and car sat nave
  • How To: Find out how to make a pinhole camera and recycle paper
  • Brain Dump: Your curious science questions answered, including why are eggs egg-shaped and why are deserts so hot?

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How It Works Issue 72