Discover drones that will change your life in How It Works Issue 68

Drones are the latest must-have gadget on everyone’s wish list, but how exactly can these unmanned flying vehicles enhance our everyday lives. In How It Works Issue 68, we look into how these devices can be used to save lives, deliver shopping and even protect animals, as well as take a peak inside an incredible film-making drone.

How It Works Issue 68

Sports-fans will also enjoy our feature about the science of sports, showing exactly how sportsmen and women transform their bodies into athletic powerhouses.

How It Works Issue 68 Science Of Sport

We also have news of the incredible new medical gadgets being used to save lives across the world, from 3D printers that can create human tissue, to a surgical knife that can instantly detect cancer. If you’re interested in world history then you will love our feature uncovering the life and death of Ancient Egyptians. Discover how they lived and their incredible inventions, as well as their gruesome death rituals.

How It Works Issue 68 Ancient Egypt

Also in this issue, we take you through the A-Z of the galaxy, explaining some of the most incredible and confusing things in the cosmos in simple terms that are easy to understand. Plus, discover how animals such as polar bears and penguins survive freezing temperatures.

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