Discover how the world could end in How It Works Issue 78

From supervolcanoes and nuclear winters to asteroid impacts and the death of the Sun, there are many theories about how human existence on Earth could come to an end. In Issue 78 of How It Works magazine, we examine some of the most catastrophic apocalyptic events that could be on the horizon to work out which blockbuster movie may have got it right.

Also inside…

  • Next-gen human body: The amazing tech to make you fitter, stronger and live longer
  • The science of anger: How does this primal emotion override our normal thought processes?
  • Baking bread: How chemistry and biology help to make the perfect loaf
  • Large Hadron Collider 2.0: The upgrades and discoveries of the most powerful particle smasher on the planet
Large Hadron Collier 2.0 in How It Works Issue 78

Large Hadron Collier 2.0 in How It Works Issue 78

  • How do fireworks make shapes? The chemistry behind the spectacular patterns in the sky
  • Real-life zombie animals: Learn about the parasites that can turn animals into living-dead puppets
  • Crime fighting tech: The cool cop gadgets that are waging a war on villainy
  • Household plumbing: Find out how a complex system of pipes takes water in an out of your home
  • GoPro HERO4 Session teardown: Take a look inside the smallest and lightest action camera yet
  • Road car to racecar: How normal, road-going cars are transformed into racetrack titans
  • Solar powered cars: Inspired by post-apocolyptic movies, the Immortus can drive on sunshine alone
  • Panama Canal: How this engineering marvel is getting a long-overdue upgrade
Panama Canal in How It Works Issue 78

Panama Canal in How It Works Issue 78

  • Curiosity’s greatest discoveries: The most sophisticated rover sent to another planet has found that Mars was once habitable
  • Space salad: How to grow vegetables that are out of this world
  • Meteorological satellites: The spacecraft keeping a watchful eye on Earth to help us predict the weather
  • Mesopotamia – the creators of civilisation: Discover how society as we know it began in a small region of modern day Iraq
  • The drones of World War II: How UAVs first took to the skies over 70 years ago
  • Global Eye: Discover how gecko-inspired robots can help out in space and meet the sleeping beauty fish that can nap for years
  • Wish List: Our round up of the best gadgets that can monitor your health
  • How To: Learn how to build a nuclear shelter and make a model heart chamber
  • Brain Dump: Your curious science questions answered, including why do bees die after they sting you? And who decides which emojis are made?
  • Plus, much, much more!

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How It Works Issue 78

How It Works Issue 78