Discover Incredible Flying Machines and the science behind them

From the makers of science and technology magazine How It Works comes Incredible Flying Machines. This digital-only edition is crammed full of amazing aircraft, awe-inspiring imagery and facts, making it a must-have for any aviation enthusiast.

001_HIW_FLYINGMACHINESInside, you’ll learn about drone aircraft and how unmanned aerial vehicles could be the future of aviation, plus go on board a cargo plane to discover just how it works. Our sky giants guide will give you the lowdown on how the world’s biggest aircraft defy gravity, and you can also discover how a pilot manages to land a plane, getting tons of metal safely down onto the tarmac. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also learn about amazing helicopters, solar-powered aircraft, and how modern technology is finally making personal flight a reality!

This fantastic digital book is available now to download onto your iPhone or iPad for just £1.99/$2.99. Simply download the free How It Works app onto your device and then purchase this special edition within it.

For a sneak preview of what’s inside, check out these exclusive spreads…