Discover the future of energy with National Geographic Channel’s Breakthrough series

Open your mind to the cutting-edge scientific discoveries that are set to transform our lives forever in National Geographic Channel’s Breakthrough on Sundays at 10pm.

Previously, Breakthrough has looked into the science of ageing, the highly complex human brain, and Paul Giamatti took us through the incredible world of cyborgs. Catch up on past episodes now on demand.

This week, producer and director Akiva Goldsman (I, Robot, Starsky & Hutch) tackles the ever-evolving issue of the world’s energy resources. Horrible Bosses’ star Jason Bateman narrates this highly topical episode.

National Geographic Breakthrough

Akiva Goldsman directs the Breakthrough Energy from the Edge episode.

Photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Stewart Volland

Time is running out… As our fossil fuel supplies dwindle, inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs are looking for new ways to keep the wheels of the world in motion. Meet the people who are charging ahead with big ideas for our future energy consumption. From an inventor who is trying to harness the power of artificial tornadoes, to a billion-dollar experimental plant which has 10,000 mirrors focusing the sun’s rays on a tower filled with salt. Did you know that there is enough energy trapped inside a single glass of water to power a major metropolitan city for an entire day? Energy is all around us, we just need to discover the secret to unlocking it!

Energy From The Edge

Crescent Dunes power plant creators are betting their pioneering technology will generate massive amounts of solar power…at a price low enough to compete with fossil fuels.

 Photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Stewart Volland

National Geographic Energy From The Edge

Dogfish Head is one of the fastest-growing craft breweries in the United States. Now it’s trying to become a pioneer of beer-powered clean energy.

 Photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Evelyn Hockstein

Breakthrough continues with ‘Energy on the Edge’ on Sunday at 10pm on National Geographic Channel.

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