Discover the super soldier army of the future in How It Works Issue 74

The future of modern warfare is being transformed by incredible new technology, with armies using virtual reality training, smart exoskeletons and self-guided bullets to help them in battle. In issue 74 of How It Works, discover more about the super soldiers of tomorrow with our in-depth look at how armies are becoming more powerful than ever.

Also inside:

  • The other senses: You don’t just have 5 senses. We’ll show you the extra 10 you never knew you had!
  • Multi-million dollar motors: Discover the amazing technology behind some of the world’s most expensive supercars.
  • Attack of the Vikings: Learn about their brutal raids and daring conquests and discover how they were far more than just bloodthirsty pirates.
Attack of the Vikings How It Works magazine Issue 74

Attack of the Vikings in How It Works Issue 74

  • Life on Titan: Could we survive on Saturn’s moon? Take a look at what we’ve learned about Titan so far.
  • The future of 3D printing: Check out the Carbon3D printer inspired by Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
  • The chemistry of chocolate: Find out why your favourite sweet treat tastes so good.
  • Inside a nuclear submarine: Learn the secrets behind the powerful USS Ohio.
  • Wonders of Yellowstone Park: Take out guided tour of the world’s very first national park, learning about its geology and the animals that live there.
Yellowstone Park How It Works magazine Issue 74

The wonders of Yellowstone Park in How It Works Issue 74

  • The changing Plitvice Lakes: Find how how Croatia’s waterfall paradise is constantly changing.
  • Explore Mercury: Everything we know about the planet of ice and fire.
  • Global Eye: Discover Dubai’s new underwater villas, and the super-stength spider webs that can catch a falling plane!
  • Reviewed: We test out the latest travel accessories and action cameras.
  • How To: Learn how you can build a lung and separate inks into their different colour components .
  • Brain Dump: Your curious science questions answered, including how does wireless charging work? And what is the history of the beard?

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How It Works issue 74 cover 'Super Soldiers'

How It Works Issue 74