Enter the Book Of Robots and marvel at their incredible tech

From the makers of science and technology magazine How It Works comes the Book of Robots.

If you ever wanted to see what the future – and some of the present – holds then this awesome digital-only book will tell you all you need to know with the help of easy-to-understand language and fantastic photos.

001_HIW_ROBOTS copy

Immerse yourself in a jaw-dropping, futuristic world packed full of self-driving cars, space robots and even robotic surgeons! You’ll discover how robotics is changing our world and what mind-blowing leaps forward are just around the corner. You will meet robots like NAO, the interactive, intelligent robot that can hold a conversation with a person, as well as learning all about the astonishing developments in the world of bionics.

You can download the Book of Robots onto your iPad or iPhone for just £1.99/$2.99. Download the How It Works app and this brilliant special edition will be there for you to download.