Experience the power of magnetism in How It Works Issue 77

Magnetism is a truly incredible force. We have known about it for thousands of years, but only recently have we been able to understand its full range of properties and uses, on our planet and beyond. This amazing invisible force protects Earth, and has given rise to a huge array of important inventions. Without it, we would have no navigation, no radar, no music and no electricity; everything would be very different if we hadn’t figured out how to use them.

Although it was once believed to be a form of magic magnetism is very real, and understanding it’s properties and how it works will help you better understand everyday objects. Join us in celebrating magnetism in issue 77, it really is one of the science’s many wonders.

Also in this issue:

  • How video games are made: see inside a development studio and find out how such realistic characters are created. Do games make you smarter?
  • New wonders of the world: The epic breakthroughs and discoveries changing life as we know it
  • Space Tourism: why your next holiday could be out of this world; will we soon be visiting space hotels?
  • The technology behind the Tesla Model S: see how Tesla’s new technology works, including their regenerative braking system, rear-view cameras and robot mechanics

Inside the Tesla Model S in How It Works issue 77


  • Why do crackers have holes in? And ten other questions about food: we answer some foody questions that have been bugging us for months
  • How ATM machines deliver your money: Find out how these every day machines operate to access your funds whist keeping your money safe
  • NASCAR haulers: see inside the impressive machines that drive more than 100,000 miles every year
  • Japanese Castles: discover what life was like inside these spectacular forts hundreds of years ago
  • How we measure ocean depth
  • Vostok 6 mission: find out how the first woman was sent into space
  • Blowing up asteroids: how NASA plan to save us from the killer space rocks orbiting close to our planet

Life on the African savannah in How It Works issue 77


  • Life in the African savannah: how do plants and animals survive the extremes?
  • Global Eye: meet the incredible hoverboard from Lexus, and find out about Google’s plans for balloon-powered internet
  • Wish List: We round up the best gaming gear on the market, making you reach for your controller
  • Brain Dump: How can parrots talk? Why does hair get lighter in the summer? Why do bees make honey? And 17 other fascinating questions answered
  • Plus much, much, more!

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How It Works Issue 77