Explore Mars with the latest How It Works digital special edition

Mars is one of the Solar System’s most talked about planets and one of our best bets for finding a new home beyond Earth. In this new digital special edition of How It Works magazine, we explore everything the red planet has to offer, with an in-depth look at this fascinating world.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • The mission to Mars: How humans will one day conquer the red planet
  • Exploring new worlds: The robotic rovers that are our eyes and hands on alien planets
  • The surface of Mars: Take a virtual stroll around the red planet
  • Curiosity’s greatest discoveries: The most sophisticated rover ever sent to another plant has discovered that Mars was once habitable
  • Water on Mars: What does this latest discovery mean for hopes of colonising the planet?
  • Your curious Mars questions answered: What are Martian meteorites? And why is Mars red?
  • Amazing Martian weather: From dust devils to carbon dioxide ice fans, check out some of the planet’s weird phenomena
  • Farming and working on Mars: How will we grow food and conduct science experiments?
  • The Mars hopper: The vehicle that will hop, skip and jump its way around the red planet
  • How big is Olympus Mons? Discover how the biggest mountain in the Solar System would look on Earth

How It Works: Explore Mars is available now. Simply download the free How It Works app onto your iOS device and find this special edition within it. Whilst you’re there, you can also find our guide to the galaxy, earthquakes edition, and book of the senses.

Explore Mars

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