FeyeCon Intelliplant helps you regrow skin and bone like Wolverine

In addition to his reinforced metal skeleton complete with retractable claws, Wolverine also has the ability to self-heal at an incredibly fast rate.

The human body is actually quite good at healing damaged tissue, but has never been able to match the instantaneous regeneration of this member of the X-Men crew – until now, that is.

A medical implant infused with tissue regeneration molecules called growth factors has now been developed to speed up the body’s natural healing process. It may not be quite as quick as Wolverine’s superpower just yet, but it could significantly shorten recovery times for patients with damaged skin and bone tissue.

FeyeCon Intelliplant

The Intelliplant targets specific cells in your body and stimulates them to regenerate quicker

As well as having incredible healing powers, FeyeCon’s Intelliplant also has a number of other clever benefits. First, it’s made from biodegradable materials, so once the damaged tissue has healed, it gradually dissolves into natural substances already present in the human body. It can also be infused with antibiotics, to minimise the risk of infection when the body tries to attack this foreign object within it.

Scientists working on the project are still fine-tuning the Intelliplant for use with different types of human tissue, but this revolutionary product is expected to be available in hospitals very soon.

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