Finale time for None Of The Above and Brain Games!

Brain Games, None of the Above

Wednesday nights on National Geographic Channel have been full of brilliant brain-boggling action, interactive games and explosive experiments. This week sees the finale of both Brain Games and None Of The Above. They are both going out with a bang!

Brain Games ‘Food for Thought’ on Wednesday 2 April airs at 8pm on National Geographic Channel. Do you have food on the brain all the time? In this episode you’ll discover that what goes into your stomach, actually, has less to do with your mouth and more to do with your brain. Discover what makes you hungry, why we sometimes overeat, and whether comfort food really is comforting. But first have a look at the below sneak peak clip to learn about the art of food styling!

You can catch the final None Of The Above – ‘Breaking Point’ – on Wednesday 2 April at 9pm on National Geographic Channel. Tim Shaw has brought science out of the classroom and into the streets to demonstrate why things do what they do. In this final episode he goes on a rescue mission for the sake of melted ice cream, and experiments with a vacuum chamber and a pile of marshmallows. In a very cinematic experiment he attempts to blow open the doors of a safe using an explosive charge. In preparation watch the below clip as Tim attempts the ultimate table cloth pull…