Top Five Facts: Wimbledon


The All England Lawn Tennis Club was founded as a private members club for the playing of croquet only in 1868. In 1877 it added lawn tennis and changed its name accordingly.


The only competition held in the first year of Wimbledon was the Gentlemen’s Singles, won by Spencer Gore. Approximately 200 people attended, each paying a shilling to watch.


The BBC has broadcast the tournament since 1937. It holds distribution rights until 2014; both finals must be shown live on terrestrial TV by government mandate.


Until 2003, Centre Court players had to bow upon entering/exiting if watched by British royalty. Now players only need to bow if the Queen or Prince of Wales is present.


Apart from holding the male record for Grand Slam singles titles (16), Roger Federer is also the all-time leader in earnings, with over $62 million credited to him.

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