Fly with the Red Arrows and the Blue Angels in How It Works Issue 75

The Red Arrows and the Blue Angels have been leaving crowds in awe for decades, performing death-defying displays that leave spectators wondering how they can fly with such skill and precision. In issue 75 of How It Works, discover more about these two brilliant aerobatic display teams with our in-depth look at their training, manoeuvres and pilots. We were fortunate enough to speak to a pilot from each team, and listening to their stories was a true privilege!

Also inside:

  •  51 questions about colour: Why is the sky blue? Why does hair turn grey? All your colour questions answered and explained.
  • The science of cute: Find out why we can’t resist a cute, fluffy pet and the evolutionary advantage it gives these adorable animals,
  • The science of shopping: Find out how supermarkets aim to control how we shop and what we buy in their stores.

The science of shopping in How It Works Issue 75

  • Mission to Pluto: What NASA hopes to discover about the icy dwarf planet.
  • The American Civil War explained: How did it start? What weapons did they use? What happened at the Battle of Gettysburg.
  • Family robots: Learn about their advanced communication skills and how they can help around the house and look after your pets.
  • Leaf identifcation: see the leaves for the trees with our handy guide to identifying leaves.
  • War elephants: the equivalent of tanks in their day, learn how they were used in many famous battles.

War elephants in How It Works Issue 75

  • How superglue works: what causes this substance to be so ridiculously sticky?
  • Active galaxies: Discover the incredible galaxies that are capable of swallowing their surroundings.
  • Global Eye: See the new microscopic monsters of the ocean, a solar spaceship and a design for a garden across London’s Thames.
  • The Wish List: We look at six awesome Home Robots.
  • How To: Learn how to split water using electrolysis and how to make the most of the summer sun by building a solar oven.
  • Brain Dump: Your curious science questions answered, including why do lips get chapped and why our hair gets darker when wet.

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