Ford Front Split View Camera: helping cars to see round corners

For anyone behind the wheel of a car, pulling out at a junction can be fraught with danger. Until now, the only practical method for drivers has been to lean forward and desperately crane their necks in the hope of spotting oncoming traffi c, a speeding cyclist or a passing pedestrian.

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However, Ford’s new system could change that. The Front Split View Camera sits in the front grille and feeds a real-time, 180-degree view – from left to right – onto a monitor inside the vehicle. The driver just has to push a button to bring up the panoramic one-megapixel picture of their surroundings onto the touch screen display console. The camera even has its own jet washer to keep the lens clean, which turns on automatically whenever the windscreen wipers are activated.

The Front Split View Camera is only currently available as an option on the Ford S-MAX and Galaxy, but is hoped to be compatible with the majority of Fords by 2020.

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