Fusion power and the future of energy revealed in Issue 70 of How It Works

With fossil fuels running out and harming our planet, the race is on to find alternative and renewable sources of energy. In Issue 70 of How It Works, discover the incredible technology we could use to power our lives in the future. From immense fusion reactors and spray on solar cells, to smart clothes and gyms that can turn our bodies into power stations.

How It Works issue 070 Fusion Power

Also inside:

  • Keeping fit and healthy has never been easier thanks to the amazing gadgets available today. Discover some of the best fitness tech that can track your movement, monitor your heart rate and much more.
  • We spend around a third of our lives asleep, but what do our bodies actually do when we nod off? Find out about the reasons for sleep, the sleep cycle and the most common sleep disorders as well as how to get a good night’s rest.
  • Ambulances, police cars and fire engines are becoming more and more sophisticated, with incredible new technology on board. Explore the next generation of emergency vehicles and how they will save lives, pursue lawbreakers and extinguish infernos in the future.
  • Eclipses are one of nature’s most amazing spectacles, and Europe will be lucky enough to witness one on 20 March 2015. Discover 15 amazing facts you never knew about these rare and breathtaking phenomenon, including how they form and how to observe them safely.
  • The Romans used ingenious tactics and engineering to build their empire. Discover how they overcame the thickest walls to dominate vast areas of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

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