FutureFest: a sign of things to come

FutureFest image logoFrom the bright and uplifting to the dark and dystopian, FutureFest is a weekend of compelling talks, cutting-edge shows, technology displays and interactive performances at the Shoreditch Town Hall on the 28 and 29 September.

Curated by musician and author Pat Kane, FutureFest is an immersive experience of what the world might feel like over the next few decades, inspiring and challenging you to change the future.

The festival covers four key themes: Well Becoming: living longer, healthier and wiser lives; In the Imaginarium: how technology and creativity will transform our experience of the world; We are all Gardeners Now: owning our impact on Earth; and The Value of Everything: the political economy of the future.

Guest speakers include bionic man Bertolt Meyer, founder of Futureal strategy consultancy Tamar Kasriel, the gaming industry’s Alex Fleetwood, Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, social entrepreneur and model Lily Cole, plus many more.

Discover how bioscience and healthcare will shape our lives, find out what the weather will be like in 2100 and learn about what foods you’ll be eating in the future.

To buy tickets for FutureFest and the full programme visit: futurefest.org. Tickets are priced at £36 per half day session.