Get to grips with Raspberry Pi!

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Linux User & Developer magazine is holding its first ever Raspberry Jam event, so why not come along and learn about making and programming with Raspberry Pi?

The Linux User Raspberry Jam will take place on 5 April at the RNLI College in Poole, Dorset and there are places for 120 Raspberry Pi enthusiasts to get together with other like-minded programmers, makers and Raspberry Pi experts to learn and share ideas about their creations.

Entry is £5 for the over 16s, but children can come for free. The Jam is a non-profit event and this money is to cover the cost of putting on the event; any money left over will be donated to the RNLI and the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The event will feature expert keynote speakers from the world of Raspberry Pi development, workshops where attendees can learn to program and make with Raspberry Pi, and show-and-tell sessions where creators can share their latest Raspberry Pi projects.

The Linux User Raspberry Jam is aimed at enthusiasts of all skill levels and experience, and there will be ample Raspberrry Pis to go around for attendees who do not own a Raspberry Pi and want to just come along and get involved.

Tickets for the Linux User Raspberry Jam go on sale later in February and will be available from the Eventbrite website, For updates on the event, people should follow the Linux User team on Twitter @LinuxUserMag or visit