Gi FlyBike: World’s first full size folding electric smart bike

The creators of the Gi FlyBike have one goal: to revolutionise urban commuting and cycling to improve the global commute.

The FlyBike looks simple enough, but it’s packed full of clever, integrated technology, none more impressive than the unique Fly Folding System that allows you to half the size of the bike in one second flat. The bike is also nice and lightweight, weighing in at only 17kg, and is fitted with anti-puncture tyres and a non grease belt drive.

It’s good for the environment too, as it’s made from 100% recycled aircraft grade aluminium alloy by the same machine used in airplane manufacturing. The wheels are also far from gimmicky; measuring 26 inches by 1.5 they are comparable to normal, non-folding bike wheels.



The bike’s brain is as smart as any of the latest Android / Apple offerings, and will provide you with a full-view navigation system when you attach your phone to its smartphone panel.

If you don’t fancy climbing those pesky hills unaided, its Electric Flight Assistance can give you up to 60 kilometres of help from a single charge, at speeds up to 25km/h.

It’s also great if you’re particularly security conscious, as the bike will automatically lock once you are five metres from the folded bike, thanks to the clever smartphone app that can judge distance. The inventors have even thought of ways for you to share your bike with others- simply use the app to send your friend an exclusive unlocking code and they will be able to use the bike at their leisure.





Gi FlyBike will be available for pre-sale on Kickstarter at an early adopter price of $1,990. Pre-sale orders will be delivered in the summer of 2016. The full price for Gi FlyBike after the limited pre-sale period will be $2,490.

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