Golchi – the world’s first customizable and multi-functional bottle

Life is such a rush sometimes that it’s useful to have gadgets and products that are multi-purpose. Phones are now music and movie players for entertainment on the go and there are even sandals that double up as bottle openers (don’t believe us? check it out here). The next in line of these flexible products is the Golchi- the world’s first customizable and multi-functional.


The innovative bottle has the ability to carry two liquids at a time, keeping one cold and one hot using vacuum insulation technology. Better still, the Golchi comes equipped with a a collapsible tea infuser and a utlity section that can carry anything from gym protein supplemetns to a snack. The product uses a rubber lining to make it leak proof and a changeable flow mechanism that allows the drinker to both slurp hot drinks and guzzle cold beverages. Tempertaure gagues on the side aslo help you remember what sort of drink your carrying so there’s never an instance when you mistakenly down a drink that’s a tad too hot! On average, drinks are kept hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours and it the golchi is equally for use in a heavy gym session or a light stroll in the park.


How the Golchi bottle works How the Golchi bottle works How the Golchi bottle works


How does the Golchi bottle work? We chat to Co-Founder Ankita Garg.

Golchi is a vacuum insulated bottle that gives the convenience to carry two liquids at any temperature simultaneously. It has a top and bottom compartment that can be used to carry your liquids and the middle section acts as a storage for any powder or snack. We have designed a first of its kind “3-in-1” size adjustable lid that helps the user determine the size of the drinking spout for the kind of drink they want to consume. We have given extra thought on providing temperature markers to help users remember what drink they are carrying in a particular compartment.

Golchi also has a modular design which gives the flexibility to the user to re-configure the bottle in 4 different configurations. If you require 2 liquids then carry your Golchi in the “Double Decker” configuration. If you need 1 liquid in a larger volume then re-arrange the compartments to make “Jumbo” configuration. Don’t want to carry the middle section for any solids, just configure Golchi as any other “Traditional” bottle. Want to carry small portions or share your Golchi, split it into 2 and make “Golchi Mini”.

Golchi is here to add convenience to your life and eliminate multiple bottles.


How the Golchi bottle works


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