Golf science: The secret to improving your swing – infographic

The secret to becoming a pro golfer isn’t just about practice, discipline and athletic skill – a good knowledge of physics can really help too.

The technique the professionals use to deliver the perfect swing is founded on Newton’s laws of motion, with momentum, impulse, force and torque all playing an important roll in sending the ball soaring towards the green.

To put enough power behind the ball, and prevent the risk of back injury, golfers should carefully consider the rotation of their shoulders and the movement of their hips – also known as the ‘X Factor’ and ‘S Factor’. This will ensure enough force is applied for just the right amount of time, helping to increase the speed of the ball in the air.

To explain how science can help you sink a hole in one, Kempinski Hotels has studied the latest golf research to create the ultimate guide to getting your angles and movements just right…

Golf Science

The science behind the perfect golf swing

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