Hi-tech ways to enjoy your garden this summer

robomow-rs622-robot-lawn-mower-large1. Let someone else mow the lawn.

The Robomow is an amazing robotic lawnmower that takes all the work out of cutting the grass. All you need to do is set up the perimeter rope, tell it how often and when to work and let it do its thing. The Robomow is the ideal summer companion because it cuts a little and often, letting the cut grass fall and provide natural food for the remaining grass to grow. It frees your weekends, does it much better than you possibly could and gives you a healthier lawn. You can check out the range here.

11072014_122755_QAsZDa2. Zip Wire

To really enjoy your summer, how cool is this Cobra Garden Zip Wire? The galvanised wire rope, pulley and seat will provide hours of amazing fun as you whizz from one end of your garden to the other in record time. It is safe, fun and should only take about an hour to pop up before you can start living out your wildest Mission Impossible fantasies! Find out what’s available right here.

garden, summer, work, enjoy, robomow, lawnmower, robotic, zip wire, cobra, Hozelock, greenhouse, watering kit3. If you’re too busy having fun on your zip wire to water the plants then never fear – Hozelock is here! You can set up these barrels to provide a steady drip of water to your greenhouse plants, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger. Plus, it saves a whopping 90 per cent of water when compared to a hose. It can be bought here.