History Of War: Fascinating insight into famous battles, war machines and weapons

History Of War magazine has been relaunched by the people who bring you How It Works, All About Space and All About History.

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Issue 9, on sale now, has all of the depth and detail about historic wars that existing readers enjoy, but also features a stunning redesign, brilliant new voices and lots more fascinating content to discover.

Read stories about brave war heroes, real-life villains and the important battles they fought in, plus discover incredible war machines and the technology behind deadly weapons. Each issue features amazing stories and beautiful photography to give a fascinating insight into the wars of the past.

In Issue 9, discover the dark secrets behind Hitler’s most feared fighting force, the brutal Waffen SS, and delve into the hidden world of the special forces. You can also learn about one of the most-recognisable weapon at the centre of many global conflicts, the AK-47, plus uncover the 20 biggest turning points on the battlefield and how they changed the world.

The new-look History Of War magazine is available now from all good retailers, or you can order it online from the ImagineShop. You can also download the digital version onto your Apple or Android device. To make sure you never miss an issue of History Of War, take out a subscription today!

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Here is a sneak peak inside Issue 9…